Which Statement Is True About Bumper Ads?

–Which Statement Is True About Bumper Ads?–

–They’re purchased on a cost-per-view basis.–

–They’re available on YouTube and Google Search.–

–They’re designed for a mobile-first world.–

–They have the lowest CPM among outstream formats.–


–They’re a 15-second, skippable, in-stream ad format.–

–They’re bought on a cost-per-view basis.–

–They run outside of a video stream.–

–They can be purchased through Google Ads or Google Preferred.–


–They’re in-stream ads that appear following a video.–

–They’re in-stream ads, skippable after five seconds.–

–They’re located at the top of the YouTube video home feed.–

–They provide reach, frequency, and brand awareness.–

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